Switzerland is one of Germany’s most important European trading partners. The privileged position of Switzerland is seen by the German department of finance very critically, however constitutes – due to the lower tax burden and larger business freedoms – still an attraction for a business commitment of German enterprises in Switzerland. We provide comprehensive transnational legal advice and services. We have years of experience include drawing up contracts and providing advice on taxation issues, such as double taxation and value added tax. We have at our disposal a comprehensive network of Swiss bankers, asset managers, accountants, attorneys and other experts. We can:

  • Draw up and modify the documents necessary to establish or terminate an enterprise based in Switzerland, such as a corporation (AG i.e. Aktiengesellschaft) or a Limited Company (GmbH)
  • Advise on all matters of Swiss contract law
  • Draw up and scrutinize Swiss labor contracts
  • Advise and represents companies on matters of double taxation
  • Advise and assist on matters of Swiss financing
  • Advise and assist on Swiss resident permits and other relocation issues
  • Draw on a large network of Swiss business experts and officials.

Contact: Jörg Clauß jc@clauss-lawoffice.de