We can:

– Draw up and scrutinize articles of incorporation, investment agreements, as well as employment contracts for staff and management

– Advise on pros and cons of the various categories of business enterprises that can be founded under German and Swiss law, i.e. GbR, KG, GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, AG etc.

– Draw up, scrutinize and modify

  • documents necessary to establish or terminate any of the above-mentioned enterprises
  • contracts between companies that are part of an affiliated group
  • contracts for day-to-day operations

– Represent and advise clients at arbitration proceedings

We provide advice on matters of commercial and corporative law, from starting a new business venture to entering into a contractual obligation. Whether you are establishing, restructuring, or terminating a business venture, or developing partnerships with other companies, we can steer you through the process. Our services are customizable so as to meet your particular legal and business requirements. We take this comprehensive, or one could say ‘holistic’ view of business law because, as we see it, all agreements from day-to-day operations with investors, suppliers, contractors, partners and distributors to employment contracts with management and staff are interconnected. This approach puts us in a stronger position when you need us to represent your interests in court proceedings or arbitration.

Contact: Jörg Clauß jc@clauss-lawoffice.de